5 tips to improve your manufacturing process

improvementsLet’s face it, from time to time, manufacturing processes can get weak and errors will rise up. But don’t get down on yourself or your employees, some of the largest and most profitable manufacturers go through the same problems. One of the best ways to get past errors and improve productivity is to simply identify where weaknesses exist and then improving upon them. The 5 tips below represent a quick way to improve your manufacturing process and increase productivity for your manufacturing facility.


1. Simplify Manufacturing Tasks

Find ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency by identifying processes which can be broken down into simple tasks. Often inefficient tasks are a major cause for wasted time and resources.

2. Increase Organization

Organizing your production floor and workflow can often have a big impact and dramatically increase productivity. Organization of materials, tools and manufacturing space can cut down on foot traffic, keep workspace orderly and help workers feel more relaxed and focused.

3. Reduce Errors

Errors are an inevitable part of manufacturing, regardless of automation, organization, and simplicity in production. In addition to keeping tasks simple and increasing organization, recognizing sources of errors will help understand how to fix recurring common issues that continue to slow production. Working to improve these errors will naturally lead to improved production and increase efficiency.

4. Listen to Employees

Workers on the production floor are your most valuable source for identifying process improvements and inefficiencies on the shop floor. Meet with your employees regularly, walk through the production line often and connect with your employees. Often, the best suggestions for improving productivity comes from employees on the floor. Adding a “Suggestion Box” is also a great way to increase positive ideas from your workforce for improvements.

5. Constantly Improve

Improvements to your manufacturing process takes time, patience and training. Make a list of improvements you’d like to see in production and tackle one at a time. Once all improvements are finished, review efficiency and production levels to identify how your changes are working. At least every other quarter, walk through your workplace and identify additional goals for improving workflow and processes.