AeroClean downdraft CNC cutting table

AeroClean CNC downdraft cutting table

Thermal cutting processes such as plasma, oxyfuel, and laser produce significant emissions that create health risks for factory workers.

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Downdraft air cutting tables, such as our AeroClean table, are an increasingly common method used to capture these emissions.

AeroClean downdraft air tables require exhaust air flows of 2200 to 5500 cubic feet per minute to produce desired results. Powerful 5 to 15HP fans are typically required.

The AeroClean downdraft table is partitioned into small zones to improve the effectiveness of the exhaust system. A steel damper door in each zone is opened or closed depending on whether cutting is occurring in that zone.

The emission laden air is usually directed into pleated cloth cartridges for collection and disposal. Cartridge life can exceed a year of operation if the collection system is sized correctly.