Hornet is proud to offer Bodor Laser cutting systems

Bodor Laser is the #1 sales volume provider of CNC fiber laser cutting solutions worldwide. Bodor’s fiber laser cutting systems are built for speed, precision, and reliability. Their laser manufacturing processes meet international standards such as CE, FDA, ISO9001, and SGS. We selected Bodor to partner with us because they meet Hornet’s quality, reliability, and performance standards.

A Bodor system for your application

Since the very start of Bodor’s history, they focused on better laser technology, cutting application diversity, and innovation. With one of the broadest portfolios of laser cutting machines, Bodor has developed products in the power range from 1 kW to 60 kW. The product families are organized by plate and sheet metal cutting, tube and pipe cutting, and combinations of both applications. Bodor machines provide the optimum combination of machine price, quality, performance, serviceability, and support.

P-Series Plate/Sheet Cutter

A-Series Combo Cutter

M-Series Tube and Pipe Cutter

Benefits of Bodor Laser Cutting Systems

Proprietary Laser Scanning Technology

  • Cut thicker materials at the same power level as competitive machines
  • Cut faster than competitive models at the same power level
  • No beam reflection … Extended lens life especially with highly reflective materials

Improved Project ROIs

  • Reduced acquisition cost … 100% vertically integrated, top global volume manufacturer
  • High speed productivity … Best-in-class cutting speeds with the power for thick cuts
  • Low operating and repair costs … Best-in-class 5-year warranty on key components
  • Ability to cut with compressed air in many applications … Reducing bottled gas usage

Hornet + Bodor Service and Support

  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Nearly 40 USA-based qualified technicians … Hornet offers onsite support and training
  • Multiple domestic US locations for consumables and spare parts including Hornet’s warehouses

H-Series Large Format Plate Cutter

Hornet best-for-customer commitment

Since Hornet provides a variety of cutting technologies including plasma, waterjet, and fiber laser, we will help you determine the best possible equipment with the performance to meet your requirements and expectations.

Hornet, and our partner Bodor, maintain an intense desire to specify, produce, and maintain the best cutting solutions for the markets we serve. Please click below to let us help you with your important project.