Our industry-leading CNC cutting machines include plasma cutters, oxy-fuel cutting and a waterjet cutter that deliver solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications. View all our CNC cutting systems below.

CNC Plasma Cutters     CNC Pipe Cutting Machines     Waterjet Cutters

Hornet Cutting Systems designs and manufactures CNC cutting machines using state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with a superior end product. Whether your business is a small shop, heavy-equipment manufacturer or steel service center, we have high performance cutting machines to meet your needs.

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CNC Plasma Cutters

Our CNC plate cutting machines cut up to 3″ mild steel, 4″ stainless steel and 3″ aluminum. Capable of both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting, these CNC plasma cutters are able to produce both straight and bevel cuts. Learn more about bevel cutting here.

CNC Pipe Cutting Machines

Our pipe cutting machines are available with both plasma and oxy-fuel cutting capabilities. Cutting pipe ranging from 1″ up to 24″ in diameter, our CNC pipe cutting machines are built to speed up production while producing flawless cuts.

CNC Waterjet Cutters

The Aqua Hornet LT and Aqua Hornet 1000 are our CNC waterjet machines capable of piercing through almost any material up to 12″ thick.