Low pressure oxy-fuel machine cutting torch for acetyleneHarris 198-2T Cutting Torch

The Harris 198-2T cutting torch is designed to handle all types of machine cutting applications. Rugged and dependable, these oxy-fuel torches provide up to 380 mm cutting capacity. Harris machine cutting torches are available in two tube and three tube design for all fuel gases at pressures as low as 0.015 bar.


Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch Features

  • Solid head for maximum strength
  • Standard 32 mm or 35 mm diameter barrel
  • All torches have inlet threads 9/16×18 UNF
  • Quick opening cutting oxygen valve for immediate full flow
  • Separate preheat and cutting oxygen valves for high and low preheat control
  • 3 tube design with optional rack (designated by R in the part number)
  • Quality construction by Harris

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