IHT M4000 CAPThe robust IHT M4000 CAP system offers contact free, accurate and fast clearance control for oxy-fuel cutting machines being able to achieve high quality dry cuts due to the built in quality.

The IHT M4000 CAP consists of a linear drive body cap, a guilding rail (available in three different lengths) and a control unit cap with a built-in capacitive sensor system and motor controller. A ring electrode measures the clearance to a metallic work piece. The linear drive cable carries the power, the CNC data signals and the settings from the remote control potentiometer.



  • Can use any make of oxy-fuel torch
  • Easy and fast exchange of torch
  • Adjustable cutting and piercing height
  • Small ring electrodes means optimized yield from the work piece
  • Highly accurate control of the clearance distance fro more precise cuts
  • Built-in vertical collision protection with automatic lift up enhances the service lifetime of the torch

IHT M4000 CAP Applications

  • Automation of the oxy-fuel straight cutting process
  • Torch height control for oxy-fuel beveling

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