Bring Oxy-fuel Capabilities To Your Shop

It’s important that your facility stays versatile and flexible, ready for any job, material or situation. That’s why our plasma tables also can be equipped and utilized with oxy-fuel cutting torches.

Here’s the range of oxy-fuel cutting torches and capabilities you’ll find with our CNC machine tables:

  • Hornet SS, Hornet HD: One oxy fuel torch
  • Hornet XD, Hornet XS: Four oxy fuel torches
  • Mega Hornet 1000: Six oxy fuel torches
  • Mega Hornet 2000, 3000: 12 oxy fuel torches

Oxy fuel cutting torches are supported and operated with our motorized oxy-fuel torch lifters, the OFL-150 or OFL-250, the basic oxy-fuel package and control panel with 3 gas solenoids, and the high capacity oxy-fuel cutting manifold for demanding applications. Bevel head and strip cutting attachments are available, along with auto torch height control, auto ignition sequence and more.

Ready to learn more about the capabilities of our systems with oxy-fuel cutting torches? Call Hornet Cutting Systems today at 316.755.3683 to begin.