Hypertherm MAXPRO200

Hypertherm MAXPRO200

Hypertherm MAXPRO200

The Hypertherm MAXPRO200 is a 200 amp heavy-duty oxygen, air and nitrogen plasma cutting system with a recommended maximum machine cutting thickness of 1.25″ (32 mm).

The MAXPRO200 is with both our single and dual side drive machines.






Operating Data

Virtually dross-free cutting capacity – mild steel
3/4″ (20mm)
Production pierce capacity – mild steel 1 1/4″ (32 mm)
Severance – mild steel
3″ (75 mm)
Bevel – 200 amp consumables support 45⁰ bevel capability  


Maximum Productivity

Hypertherm’s MAXPRO200 combines fast cutting speeds and quick process changes to maximize productivity.

  • The fastest cut speeds in its class produce more finished parts per hour.
  • Engineered with 100% duty cycle for the most demanding production environments.
  • Quickly transition between cutting, gouging, mechanized and handheld processes with automatic settings, tool free leads and quick disconnect torches.

Easy Operation

  • Intuitive one step interface and automatic gas control deliver consistent results without operator intervention.
  • Advanced diagnostics simplify troubleshooting and service.
  • Optional serial communications allow full control of the system from the CNC.

Low Operating Cost

Exceptional consumable life and consistent performance deliver more cost-effective results.

  • Do more with less power: patented consumable designs enable best in class cut speeds and robust production piercing using lower amperage levels.
  • Superior cut quality and cinsistency minimize high cost secondary operations.
  • Advanced consumable technologies including LongLife®, CoolFlow™ and TrueFlow™ significanatly increase consumable life to reduce cost per part.

Reliable Performance

Engineered and tested using the same proven design process as the HyPerformance® HPRXD® product family for superior reliability in the most demanding cutting environments.

  • During development, Hypertherm systems endure rigorous reliability testing procedures equivalent to years of use in extreme operating environments.
  • The MAXPRO200 is built with less than half the number of internal parts compared to other systems on the market. Fewer parts provide greater reliability and serviceability
  • Self-diagnostics are performed automatically at startup and continually throughout the cutting process.

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