Hornet Cutting Systems offers multiple plasma beveling systems, including our unique Contour Bevel System, and our Manual Bevel Attachment. Here, learn more about our beveling equipment for plasma tables and how they will be able to increase your capabilities.

Plasma beveling systems - Hornet SS


Contour Bevel System datasheet


The Hornet Cutting Systems Contour Bevel System (CBS) beveling equipment for plasma tables, with our unique Dual-Tilt design, produces bevels 360° around parts at up to +/-45°. Our plasma bevel cutting machine can produce any part design without unwinding the leads. No unwinding – ever.

Bevel types that may be prepared by our CBS plasma beveling systems are:  A, V, Top-Y, Bottom-Y, X, and K. The CBS beveling equipment for plasma tables also has the ability to create a Gradual Bevel Cut starting at 0° and finishing at 45°.

Comprehensive pre-installation and onsite training is included with our Contour Bevel System, ensuring that you can make the most out of your plasma bevel cutting machine right from the start.

CBS Plasma Beveling Systems Standard Features

  • (2) Rotational Axes for 5-Axis Cutting Capability
  • -45° to +45° Range of Bevel Cut Angles
  • 30 rpm Rotational Velocity
  • Create A, V, Top-Y, Bottom-Y, X, and K Bevel Cuts
  • Cuts up to 2″ Thick Mild Steel at 45° with HPR400XD
  • Covers Protect Drive Systems
  • Over-Travel Limits and Homing Switches
  • One-Button System Homing
  • Spring-Loaded Collision Sensor Resets after Collision

Recommended Plasma Beveling Systems

Hornet Cutting Systems suggests the Hypertherm mechanized plasma cutting products listed below for use with our Contour Bevel System (CBS).


  • HPR XD Family brochure
  • HPR130XD
  • HPR260XD
  • HPR400XD
  • HPR800XD

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