Sensor THC (torch height controls)


Precision plasma torch height control system

The SENSORâ„¢ THC is a full featured precision plasma torch height control system specifically designed to integrate with Hypertherm CNC shape cutting controls. The SENSOR THC incorporates the latest advancements in system integration and hardware reliability. With integrated SoftMotion and closed-loop servo control, the SENSOR outperforms all other THCs. The SENSOR is easy-to-use and will significantly increase the productivity and profitability of your shape cutting operation.

The machine operator selects material type, Process current, plasma/shield and material thickness in the CNC control cut chart screen. The Phoenix CNC software retrieves cutting parameters from look-up tables stored within the CNC control. Cutting speed and THC parameters are set and automatically maintained during the cutting cycle. When interfaced to a Hypertherm HyPerformance Auto Process plasma system, the CNC control automatically sets and maintains the correct plasma and shield gas flows as well.

Hornet Cutting Systems offers the SENSOR torch height control electronics with five different lifters:

  • RSVS-150
  • RSVS-200
  • RSVS-400
  • RSVS-5/250 & 350
  • RSVS-6/485