Victor Consumables

Hypertherm Consumables Hornet Cutting Systems is an authorized OEM supplier of Victor – Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting consumables. Most consumable parts can be shipped the same day they are ordered.

If you need technical assistance, Customer Service will transfer you to Tech Support. Our Tech Support staff will review your application and ensure you are using the best consumable for the job. Call or email us today.

Hornet Cutting Systems offers consumable support for the following plasma systems listed below:

  • Cutmaster A40
  • Cutmaster A60
  • Cutmaster A80
  • Cutmaster A120
  • Auto-Cut 100
  • Auto-Cut 200
  • Auto-Cut 300
  • Ultra-Cut 100
  • Ultra-Cut 200
  • Ultra-Cut 300
  • PAK44
  • PAK45
  • TA500 / TA1000