Keep your Hornet cutting machine running at max performance with the Hornet Protection Plus Consumable Loyalty program.

Preventative Maintenance Program Hornet CNC Cutting Machines

The Hornet Protection Plus Consumable Loyalty Program was developed exclusively for Hornet customers, helping ensure their cutting machines operate at max performance for as long as possible.

What are the benefits of joining:

  • Exclusive discounts on maintenance, service, parts, and consumables.
  • Expert service from our trained staff of technicians.
  • Peace of mind knowing your machine is in good hands.
  • Maximized performance of your machine for the long haul.

The Hornet Protection Plus Consumable Loyalty Program provides escalating tiers of discounts on preventative maintenance and service provided by our factory trained technicians, regular machine maintenance, expert diagnosis, Hypertherm consumables and parts, and Hornet OEM parts.

Enrolling in the program provides benefits go far beyond their face value. A properly maintained and well-running system is a more profitable and productive system. The additional support will help ensure increased reliability, consistent performance and lower operating cost from your Hornet cutting system, helping you maximize your investment. As a Hypertherm Authorized OEM and Service Center, Hornet Cutting Systems is here to help you Build Something Great.

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Preventative Maintenance Services

  • CNC Cutting Head Plasma Cutting Table MachineInspection of rail system, truck bearing and guides
  • Replace pinions and check gear rack
  • Inspection motor, slides, gearboxes and pinions for tightness and alignment
  • Check lifters for condition and alignment
  • Square machine and check for proper grounding
  • Simulate cutting cycle to ensure proper operation
  • Provide spare plasma torch head
  • Replace critical electronic components (contactors, relays)
  • Inspect hoses and cable for condition and tightness
  • Service coolant system (flush coolant, change filters)
  • Clean power supply and conduct complete system inspection
  • Clean machine (does not include table)
  • Check encoder counts
  • One on one end user training
  • Software updates
  • Automatic Machine Setup Backup
  • 3 days of service tech on site
  • Advanced remote help

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Enroll in the Protection Plus Consumable Loyalty program and you’ll take the first step in ensuring your machine operates at max performance longer, helping you build something great. Contact our sales team today to get started.

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