Hornet HDX CNC plasma cutting machineFaster Speed. More Cut Parts. Higher Profits.

Our ultra-fast Hornet HDX CNC plasma cutter sets the standard for acceleration, accuracy, and productivity in its class. Its rigid machined dual beam gantry is engineered to handle the 1/4 G acceleration created by its 3,000 IPM (76.2 mpm) rapid traverse speed, and provide the stiffness necessary to handle the torsion created by the contour bevel system.

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Hornet HDX CNC cutting machine top

Features of the Hornet HDX CNC Plasma Machine

Contour Bevel System

Increases  output by eliminating time-consuming secondary finishing processes.

  • Weld-ready beveled parts
  • Produces bevels 360° around parts at up to +/- 52°

Rapid Acceleration

Increases part production and labor efficiency with shorter turnaround times.

  • 3,000 IPM rapid traverse speed
  • 1/4 G acceleration

Laser Safety System

Protect your workers and investment with the HDX auto-shutoff feature.

  • Complete perimeter safety system
  • Manually switch from Low Speed to High Speed

Machine Specifications

Position accuracy: +/-.005″ (.127mm)*
Repeatability: =/-.001″ (.025mm)*
*Measured in a 60″ x 60″ area (1.5m x 1.5m)

5 ft (1.5 m) 6.6 ft (2.0 m) 8.2 ft (2.5 m) 10 ft (3.0 m)
Nominal Cutting Width 60″ (1.52 m) 79.20″ (2.01 m) 98.40″ (2.50 m) 120″ (3.05 m)
Nominal Cutting Length 144″ (3.66 m) 240″ (6.10 m)
Width Between Side Frames 78.25″ (1.99 m) 96.25″ (2.44 m) 116.25″ (2.95 m) 138.25″ (3.51 m)
Overall Machine Width 122.50″ (3.11 m) 140.50″ (3.56 m) 160.50″ (4.08 m) 182.50″ (4.64 m)
Overall Machine Length 222.75″ (5.66 m) 342.75″ (8.71 m)
Length Between End Frames 203.13″ (5.16 m) 323.13″ (8.21 m)
Suggested Cutting Table Slat Height 30″ (0.76 mm)
Maximum Traverse Speed 3000 IPM (76.2 mpm)
Maximum Number of Stations 2 tools (plasma and/or oxy) max or 1 CBS
Maximum Number of Plasma Stations 1
Maximum Number of Oxy-Fuel Stations 1
Machine Input Power 200-240 VAC | 1-Phase | 50/60 Hz Dedicated Circuit

***Specifications are subject to change

Ready to get started with the Hornet HDX? With both plasma and oxy-fuel torch capabilities, the Hornet HDX is a versatile CNC plasma cutter with heavy-duty features. Contact Hornet Cutting Systems today at 1-844-209-5552.

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