Professional Plasma Cutting. Entry-Level Price.

The Mini Hornet is the perfect machine for companies looking for high-quality cutting, affordability, and ease-of-use. If you are looking for an industry-leading, out-of-the-box CNC cutting solution, look no further.

• Be up-and-running the same day. No assembly. No hassle.

• High performance. Small footprint. Make the most of your floor space and boost your bottom line.

• Ease-of-Use – Training is fast and easy. Your shop team will be cutting in no time.

• Make More Money With Less Downtime. The Mini Hornet is reliable, fast, and low-maintenance. More cutting means more profits.

Powered by Hypertherm

All our machines are Powered by Hypertherm for maximum cutting performance and top-of-the-line consumables.

Base Frame

  • Heavy-duty construction yields reliable movement and precise cuts
  • Fully welded and stress relieved main support frame
  • 5-axis machined linear guideway surfaces on main support frame
  • Powder-coated exterior covers
  • Power track on X and Y-axis
  • Flexible cable/hose power track
  • Adjustable leveling feet


  • Rigid anodized aluminum extrusion beam
  • Machined end truck to linear guide surface for smooth motion
  • Dual side drive
  • 20mm linear guides on all axis
  • Rigid pivot motor slide design with spring force engagement
  • Outward-facing gear rack with splatter protection
  • Powder-coated back brace

Cutting Surface

  • Standard open bottom table
  • Drop-in water tray option

Control & Software

  • Micro stepping control box with CNC software
  • Complete CAD/CAM/CNC software
    • Draw, Nest, Cut
  • Workbench with Windows 10 laptop computer

Two Models Offered

  • 4ft (1.21m) x 4ft (1.21m)
  • 4ft (1.21m) x 8ft ( 2.43m)
  • Standard open bottom table
  • Drop-in water tray option
  • 115/230 | 1-phase | 10amp fuse/breaker
  • 750ipm rapid traverse speed
  • 115/230 vac power supply (70 vdc)
  • Integrated signal generator and documentation
  • Detailed setup and instruction manual
  • 1-year warranty from manufacturers defect
  • Installation and training
  • Phone support (1st year included)

Additional Options

  • Air Dryer Package
  • Laser Pointer with software
  • Advanced file management
  • Granular rust inhibitor (for water table)

Recommended Plasma Cutting Systems

Hornet Cutting Systems suggests the Hypertherm mechanized plasma cutting products listed below for use with our Mini Hornet model. Other products may be offered depending upon your application.

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Hypertherm Powermax45

Hypertherm Powermax65

Hypertherm Powermax65


Hypertherm Powermax85

Hyperthem Powermax105

Hypertherm Powermax105

Hypertherm Powermax125

Hypertherm Powermax125

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