Operations Manager/Machinist – Hornet Products


Supervise or perform the estimating, programming, operational flow, fixturing, tooling optimization, prototyping, first article buy-off, scheduling, material sourcing, production plan, and ensure the quality management systems is in adherence with AS9100C quality standards for the milling of parts from extrusions, bar stock, forging, plate, assemblies or composites by means of CNC milling machines.

Major Job Responsibilities/Accountabilities

  • Evaluate part(s), or family of parts, packages and develop estimate of setup/program cost, material cost, operations necessary to complete part(s) to meet customer’s requirements, including any outsourced operations. Work with GM to compile cost and related information necessary to submit bid proposals or RFQ packages to customers.
  • Develop CAD (computer aided design) software model for part(s), if necessary, establishing dimensions and tolerances of finished work pieces, to be interpreted by CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software.
  • Develop cutter, cutter paths, cut sequences and cut speeds, convert into to G-Code, or other designated machine readable code, in CAM software to control milling machine operation.
  • Evaluate optimum primary machining center utilization and secondary machining center utilization strategy to efficiently produce part(s).
  • Optimize fixturing, tooling and cutters to efficiently and effectively produce part(s).
  • Identify material requirements and source to meet customer’s requirements. Maximize material yield through nesting, or other related layout techniques.
  • Run prototype part(s) to prove out program, fixturing/tooling, and cutter selection. Achieve quality department dimensional approval on prototype part(s). Train machine operators on setup and identify critical control points that machine operator should verify at various intervals of operations.
  • Setup machining work center workflow to maximize machining work center efficiency. Identify operations to be completed at each machining work center and sequence of each operation and standard time to complete operation.
  • Ensure company’s quality management system (QMS) policies, procedures and documentation requirements are followed and any non-conformities are identified, reported and proper corrective action steps are executed as necessary to correct the deficiencies.
  • Interact with customers’ representatives as required to help provide the customer the best in class customer experience. This may require interaction with the customer’s engineering, production, quality assurance, procurement, program managers, finance and other groups or departments from time to time to facilitate the relationship.
  • Effectively communicate with management, production control, quality and other shop personnel for assignments and to resolve machining or quality issues.
  • Within the scope of the job requirements, will be required to adhere and comply with state and federal law, the Company Quality Program and procedures, Company policies and Safety and Environmental Regulations
  • Requires regular attendance to perform essential elements as contained herein between the assigned start and end times for work.
  • All other projects as assigned by management.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Minimum 2 years of part(s) estimating experience in a multi-axis hard and soft metal milling environment. Exposure estimating sub-assemblies or other fabricating (braking, folding, light assembly, etc.) operations a plus.
  • Strong knowledge of CAD/CAM software packages such as Catia, CamWorks, MasterCam, GibbsCam, or other modeling and machine control code software packages.
  • Prior experience setting-up and operating CNC controlled 3, 4 and 5-axis horizontal milling, vertical milling machines.
  • Strong knowledge of tool holders, cutting tools, boring bars, fixtures and fixture layout, inserts and other accessories used on various machines.
  • Knowledge in use of precision measuring instruments, such as but not limited to, calipers, ID and OD micrometers, depth gages, indicators and scales, and the application of the instruments to determine compliance with designated part(s) tolerances.
  • Strong knowledge of blue print reading/ geometric tolerance interpretation.
  • Advanced understanding of QMS processes, procedures and documentation. Prior Quality Assurance experience a plus.
  • Prior experience sourcing raw materials and understanding of metal nomenclature, including basic knowledge of metal properties.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with managing milling machine workflow, capacity scheduling and staffing requirements. Management of machinist a plus.
  • Must be adaptable to a changing work environment, competing demands and is able to deal with frequent change, delays or unexpected events.

Job Type: Full-time
Required education: High school or equivalent


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