Digital Gas Manifold

Digitally Controlled Gas System

The Hornet Cutting Systems digitally controlled high capacity oxy-fuel cutting manifold is designed for the most demanding oxy-fuel cutting applications.

This package delivers rapid pierce times, excellent cut face surface, reduced spatter during piercing, elimination of top edge rounding and optimized cutting speeds.

Our Hypertherm CNC control includes cut chart support for oxy-fuel cutting systems that are specific to the type of oxy-fuel torch, material type and thickness. The gas pressures and timing sequence in the cut chart control the electric pressure transducers and solenoid valves.

The operator selects torch type, material type, fuel gas and material thickness from the process selection drop down fields.

Automatically Set & Controlled Parameters During Cut

  • Oxygen pressures
    • Low preheat
    • High preheat
    • Pierce & cut
  • Fuel pressures
    • Low preheat
    • High preheat
  • Gas pressure ramp UP / DOWN timing
  • Cutting speed
  • Kerf width
  • High preheat time
  • Pierce time
  • Moving pierce time (optional)
  • Creep time (optional)

Digitally Controlled Gas System Includes

  • Cutting oxygen transducer and gauge
  • Preheat oxygen transducer and gauge
  • Fuel gas transducer and gauge
  • Deliverty manifol for up to twelve torches


The manifold is designed for high-capacity multiple torch oxy-fuel machine cutting up to 12″ thick.

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