Machine Mounted EDGE Pro CNC Control for HORNET X Series

Machine Mounted Edge Connect CNC Control for HORNET X Series

The Edge Connect CNC control uses Phoenix™ motion control software and is designed specifically for the metal cutting industry by Hypertherm, the world leader in plasma cutting technology.

The Edge Connect CNC control is has a 15″ touch screen and is mounted into the left side of the inclined console face plate as shown in the image to the right. Placement of the oxy-fuel and plasma operator controls and switches is dependent on the configuration of the machine.

With unparalleled ease of use, the Phoenix screens prompt the operator to select material type, material thickness, cutting amperage and gas selection from the cut chart screen. Process parameter tables within the Phoenix software set and control cutting processes and motion control variables delivering total system integration.

With 68 shapes in the library, point & click import of CNC files from a network or memory stick, on-screen basic nesting and the power of a PC running Windows 10 embedded, the Hornet Cutting Systems CNC control is ready for production

CNC Control Features

Operating system Windows 10
Axis count 2 to 6
Inputs / Outputs 96 user definable (48 in / 48 out)
Hard drive SATA drive, ≥120GB
Memory ≥1GB
Display 15″ touchscreen
USB interface Five USB 2.0 ports
Drive interface Analog, 0-10 VDC
Operator control panel Six to twelve station control, E-Stop, speed pots, UP/DOWN switches, station select switches, eight position job button, plasma ON/OFF, laser pointer ON/OFF, oxy-fuel process control switches
Input devices Industrial keyboard with pointing device in roll out drawer
Temperature range -10⁰ C to 40⁰ C (14⁰ F to 104⁰ F) ambient
Warranty Two-year warranty standard
Operating voltage 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Software Part Program Support (PPS), remote help, networking, HPRXD autogas support, DXF import, and simple shape nesting
Two maximum


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