HydroClean CNC cutting water table

HydroClean CNC cutting water table

The HydroClean is Hornet Cutting Systems’ design for our plasma cutting water table.

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A water table offers fabrication shops a means of controlling fumes, smoke, noise and arc glare associated with plasma cutting.

The metal plate being cut is placed on a bed of slats in the table, and a concealed air chamber is below the slats. Air is forced into the chamber or exhausted out of the chamber, and water in the chamber is displaced by the air. This causes the water level in the table to either rise or fall.

Plasma cutting over a water table causes the release of free hydrogen. Unlike mild steel and stainless steel, aluminum dross produced by plasma cutting has a very high affinity for oxygen. This results in the aluminum dross absorbing free oxygen leaving free hydrogen gas. This free hydrogen gas has the potential to build up inside the air bladder resulting in a serious potential explosion hazard.

Aluminum Warning: Water tables with air bladders are not suitable for cutting aluminum.