architecture detail fabricated with CNC cutting machines

Artists, architects, and contractors often utilize the abilities of Hornet Cutting Systems’ CNC cutting machines. Whether it is for artistic sculptures, architectural details, or to cut custom countertops, our waterjet cutting machines are designed to take on a variety of different materials. Our machines offer precision, reliability, and efficiency when taking on detailed tasks. These CNC cutting machines are perfect for cutting aluminum, steel, plastic, stone, countertops, and more.

How CNC Cutting Machines are used in the Arts

Metal and stone artists can avoid long days pouring over a hand torch, executing their designs. The CNC cutting machines at Hornet Cutting Systems offer precision and accuracy to the user, so they can see their projects come to life. For artists who sell their products in mass quantities, our high-quality CNC cutting machines will hold up to any task.

How CNC Cutting Machines are used in Architecture

From CNC machines for furniture design, to executing intricate designs, the CNC machines at Hornet Cutting Systems are built for precision and a long-life. When it comes to executing architectural designs, attention to detail and accuracy are paramount. Our CNC machines come with a variety of configuration options, sure to tackle any detailed application.

Hornet Cutting Systems’ CNC Machines for the Arts and Architecture

  • With Hypertherm cutting technology, the AQUA HORNET 1000 waterjet cutting machine offers precision and cutting-edge motion control. With a modular design, this CNC cutting machine also allows for the widest range of configurations in the industry. All of these features combine to make these waterjet cutting machines an excellent tool for architectural and artistic purposes.
  • The AQUA HORNET LT waterjet cutting machine offers versatility and precision in a compact waterjet cutting solution, perfect for manufacturers and fabricators that require flexibility.
  • The HORNET LT CNC cutting machine is offers best-in-class motion, unitized design, and a compact footprint to provide superior performance at an entry-level price
  • For heavy-duty materials such as steel, the HORNET SS industrial CNC cutting machine is designed for customers who require a unitized machine. This cutting machine can be configured with an integrated cutting table in either a water table or down draft air table design. With excellent motion control and accuracy, the HORNET SS is great for architectural and artistic applications.

If you are an artist or architect looking to add to or improve your equipment and output, Hornet Cutting Systems’ state-of-the-art plasma cutting machines are great for cutting applications in your industry. To learn more about the impact high-quality CNC cutting machines can have on your final product, feel free to contact us or speak with one our experienced sales people by calling 1-844-209-5552.