Automated Ag Systems Sees Dramatic Boost In Efficiency
With Hornet HD Cutting Machine

Company & Products

Automated Ag - Hornet CNC Cutting Table - HD Machine 1Automated Ag Systems is an international manufacturer of award-winning agricultural equipment. With a client base spanning four continents and twelve states, the company specializes in harvest and harvest transport systems. Their flagship product is the Bandit XPress, a self-propelled mobile platform that allows pickers to reach fruit more easily. The Bandit Xpress also features large bins that are dropped when full and replaced automatically with empty bins, all while protecting delicate fruit. Automated Ag has won Top Ten New Products awards at the World Ag Expo in 2014, 2017, and 2019. The company was also featured as a cover story in the August 2017 issue of Good Fruit Grower magazine.

Since its founding by company president JJ Dagorret in 2007, Automated Ag has been committed to being an industry leader in the construction of safe, efficient, reliable, and innovative agricultural equipment that will enhance the competitiveness of harvest for growers around the world.


Automated Ag - Hornet CNC Cutting Table - HD Machine 2

The Challenge

The agricultural equipment industry demands high standards for accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Due to a lack of specialized in-house equipment, Automated Ag had to outsource certain cutting and machining tasks, which was costly and significantly slowed production and innovation.



The Solution and Results

Automated Ag - Hornet CNC Cutting Table - HD Machine 3Automated Ag’s purchase of a 5’ x12’ Hornet HD plasma cutting machine from Hornet Cutting Systems enabled them to keep most of their cutting work in-house. Right away, they noticed an increase in production efficiency. “The TrueHole technology eliminates drilling and punching, which saves a lot of time,” says JJ. In fact, he estimates that his company’s productivity has increased by 35% thanks to the purchase of their Hornet HD. The HD also allows Automated Ag to perform research and development faster and more efficiently, leading to new ideas and products that wouldn’t have been possible before.

What’s impressed JJ most about the Hornet HD is its reliability and durability. In the two and a half years they’ve owned their HD, JJ estimates it’s put in about 5,000 hours of work, yet still runs like new. “There’s no horsing with this machine,” he says. “It just runs.” He’s also thrilled with the interface, the ease of use, and the setup and support he received from the team at Hornet. “I don’t usually talk things up,” JJ says, “but I talk this machine up all the time.” In fact, JJ’s enthusiasm has led several other companies in his area to purchase Hornet cutting machines. “This machine is reliable, efficient, and flawless,” he says. “I can’t say one bad thing about it.”

Hornet Cutting Systems is proud of how their cutting machine has helped Automated Ag increase productivity and boost their bottom line. If your company could use a boost in efficiency and the ability to perform cutting operations in-house, contact us today. We’d love the chance to match you with the perfect machine for your needs and help you build something great.


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