Texas fabrication shop increases productivity with Roto Hornet 2000 cutting machine.

CM Welding Machine 53

CM Welding is a fabrication shop located in Midland, Texas. Started by owner Corey Mays after college, the company has grown from general fabricating and machine work to its own product line over the years.

Previously, they would cut everything by hand. Certain applications would take 3 weeks to cut. The long cutting time meant it was difficult to go after new business.

As Mays was looking for ways to streamline the business, he remembered seeing a Hornet Cutting Systems machine at a local shop a few years ago. He hadn’t been ready to make a purchase at that point, but he began doing his research and found the Roto Hornet 2000 CNC plasma pipe cutting machine fit exactly what the company needed.

The machine was installed in early October 2017, with the Hypertherm EDGE Connect CNC Controller and Rotary Tube Pro design software, and it began making a difference almost immediately.

CM Welding’s product which used to take 3 weeks to cut by hand now took only 3 days. Another application which previously took 2 days now takes just 45 minutes. It not only decreased cutting time, it made his employees more efficient.

CM Welding Machine 103

“The new Hornet machine is a substantial time saver,” Mays said. ”The biggest selling point for me was after I got done using the controller on our pipe plasma system, I took an entry level employee and had him set-up and running parts in about 5 minutes. It was just so much easier to use.”

The addition of the Roto Hornet 2000 has also provided downstream benefits too. The quality of the cuts has helped improving welding productivity and quality.

“Right off the bat production has gone up,” Mays said. My employees spend more time welding then they have to spend fitting and grinding. Cutting time is down, quality has gone up substantially, and my weld time has gone down.”

The new machine has allowed Mays to not only go after new business, but also expand his product lines. And Mays said he expects to have the machine fully paid for only 6 months after purchasing.

The results have been so positive CM Welding is in the process of adding a second machine, the Hornet HD, to its shop to further increase productivity.

Hornet Cutting Systems is proud to help CM Welding build something great, and is excited to see the dramatic improvements the machine is making to the company’s bottom-line. If your company could benefit from quicker cutting times and a growing product line, we would love the chance to match you with the perfect Hornet cutting machine.

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