Wind turbine farm

Hornet Cutting Systems’ CNC cutting machines offer the energy production manufacturing equipment industry versatility and precision.

Our CNC machines are used in many different manufacturing purposes in the energy production industry. These uses include wind turbine fabrication, power plant construction, power plant maintenance, oil production, and much more.

Hornet Cutting Systems’ machines are also excellent at beveling and back beveling for transitions. Whether it is a stand-alone pipe cutting machine or a pipe cutting add-on to a plate cutting machine, Hornet Cutting Systems machines are constantly improving the efficiency and quality of products for the energy industry.

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine is Ideal for Manufacturing

The ROTO HORNET 2000 is a 5-axis plasma CNC pipe cutter. This product is designed to process customers’ heavy-duty pipe cutting needs and can cut pipe between 2 and 24 inches in diameter and from 10 to over 40 feet in length.

The ROTO HORNET 2000 was developed with very specific goals – increase production and improve accuracy for your pipe cutting needs. This plasma CNC pipe cutter offers an innovative pneumatic pipe loading table, Hypertherm’s plasma systems, custom Hypertherm CAM’s Rotary Tube Pro software, and Hornet Cutting Systems’ heavy-duty design. All of these features combine to produce one of the industry’s best pipe cutting machines.

If you are looking to add to or improve your energy production manufacturing equipment or if you’re interested in learning more about CNC plasma cutting machines, feel free to contact your regional sales person or call us at 1-844-209-5552.