Mountain Man Welding & FabricationThe Company & Products

Located in Denver, Colorado, Mountain Man Welding & Fabrication has provided high-quality, on-site welding since 1992. They are a major player in the Colorado welding scene, specializing in carbon and stainless steel piping. They have been integral in the construction and repair of oil and gas rigs, water pipelines, and treatment facilities. In addition, their fabrication shop specializes in steel fabrication, custom sheet metal, forming, rolling, and cutting, as well as ARC, MIG, and TIG welding. They cut base plates, gussets, and stainless steel for their customers, and produce custom artwork and logo work for a wide variety of clients.

The Challenge

Outdated cutting technology caused Mountain Man to suffer from inefficient material handling processes. “Before, we had to use the shearer to cut plates or we had to flame cut them if thicker than ½”, then drill the holes,” says Master Welder Rick Sublette.

The Solution

Mountain Man purchased a Hornet Plasma Table CNC Cutting Machine from Hornet Cutting Systems. As a result, material handling is now much more efficient. Mountain Man has increased the capacity and thickness of the materials they can cut. Cutting holes rather than drilling them has proven faster and more efficient, saving them time and money.

The Benefits

Due to this increase in efficiency, Mountain Man has expanded their productivity, quality, and competitiveness. Their shop has grown to over fifty employees, and Rick says the Hornet Plasma Table was integral in spurring on this growth. “It was more money than we wanted to spend,” Rick says, “but it has been the best investment we have ever made in our business.”

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