CNC Machines for Off-Road Mobile Equipment

CNC Machines for Heavy-Duty Applications

Hornet Cutting Systems machines are used for manufacturing a variety of off-road mobile equipment. Construction equipment manufacturers, concrete paving equipment manufacturers, and other heavy equipment manufacturers utilize our CNC machines for sheet metal to heavy-duty plate cutting in order to efficiently and accurately accomplish their work.

At Hornet Cutting Systems, we offer different cutting machines. All of them are made of steel and have a variety of add-on options for recreational vehicle sheet metal cutting, to the cutting and heavy plate fabrication for massive earth moving equipment.

CNC Machines for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Tthe HORNET XD features dual-side drive cutting machine can be configured with up to four oxy-fuel torches. The HORNET XD can cut up to 3″ thick (75 mm) pieces of sheet metal. You can choose from air, oxygen, or high-definition plasma cutting table systems with this product.

Whatever your requirements, Hornet Cutting Systems has the equipment that will fulfill your metal cutting needs, while delivering premium motion control and accuracy. Please contact your regional sales person if you are looking to add to or improve your off-road vehicle manufacturing equipment, or if you’re interested in learning more about CNC plasma cutting machines. For more information or to learn about our CNC training center, call us at 1-844-209-5552.