CNC machines for tank storage equipment

Hornet Cutting Systems’ cutting machines are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment for tank manufacturers throughout the world.

The efficiency and durability of the CNC machines for storage tank fabricators, along with the effectiveness of the stations and abilities of the software, combine to make Hornet Cutting Systems’ machines the ideal choice for fabricating and manufacturing tanks.

CNC machines for Tank Fabrication

Hornet Cutting Systems Contour Bevel System has saved manufacturers throughout the world time and labor costs by eliminating secondary grinding operations. The Contour Bevel System can be added to the HORNET XD, the MEGA HORNET 1000, MEGA HORNET 2000, and MEGA HORNET 3000. The cutting head can make A, V, Y, K, X and gradual bevel cuts. Cuts may be made up to 45⁰ on 2″ (50 mm) thick mild steel with the Hypertherm HPR400XD plasma cutting system. Rotational axes are configured with AC servomotors and low backlash planetary gearboxes with outputs directly driven from the gearbox. No belts or tie-rods are used. Both axes travel at speeds up to 30 RPM. The RSVS-6 torch height control consists of an AC servomotor, precision ball-screw and Hypertherm SENSOR electronics to maintain voltage control. The lifter travels at speeds up to 600 ipm (15,000 mmpm).

Hornet Cutting Systems’ ROTO HORNET 1000 was designed to increase production and improve accuracy for pipe cutting needs. This CNC machine for tank fabrication has a heavy-duty design, innovative pipe handling system, and Hypertherm CAM’s Rotary Tube Pro software. All of these components are combined with Hypertherm’s plasma systems to produce the industry’s best pipe cutting machine.

The Mega Hornet Combo is an attachment to our MEGA HORNET series of machines. The Mega Hornet Combo sits within the rails of the plate cutting machine in a variety of configurations. This provides users the ability to straight cut and bevel pipe and plate without purchasing two CNC cutting machines. The Mega Hornet Combo attachment can cut pipe from 2″ (51 mm) to over 24″ (610 mm) in diameter depending on the size of the chuck users prefer to invest in. Tank fabricator throughout the world love this option because manufacturers are capable of plasma cutting plate and pipe on the same machine.

If you would like to learn more about Hornet Cutting Systems CNC machines for fabricating tank equipment or hear about our collection of CNC machines for heavy equipment, feel free to contact your regional sales person or call 1-844-209-5552.