Mod Weld


Hornet Cutting Solutions Provides the Future of Welding Solutions

When you need the most advanced welding machinery, you can rely on Hornet Cutting Solutions to deliver. Hornet provides the industry-leading MOD-WELD equipment.

MOD-WELD robotic welding systems are manufactured by APT Manufacturing Solutions. These machines use FANUC industrial collaborative robots to automate welding.

With MOD-WELD equipment, you have a variety of customizable cart and cell options. You can choose among different table top sizes as well as weld cell types.


robot welding machine

Robotics for Better & Faster Production

Increase your production with a pre-engineered robot welding system from Hornet Cutting Solution. Our machines give endless opportunities for easy setup and use – even if it’s your first robot. You can rest assure that the MOD-WELD is made for quality and productivity.


Advantages of MOD-WELD robotic machines

  • Easy set up
  • Easy maintenance and cleanliness
  • Load/Unload directly into the weld cell
  • It has a side access door for entering in a safe environment
  • Recipe Management with room for up to 100 recipes
  • Base model is configured to weld steel (hard metal), soft metals require additional options


mod weld robotic machines