Plasma Pipe Cuts

Pipe cuts made with Roto Hornet Pipe Cutting Machine and Hypertherm’s Rotary Tube Pro Software

End Cuts


CNC Plasma Pipe Straight CutStraight Cut

CNC Plasma Offset Cope Pipe CutOffset Cope Cut

Miter Plasma Pipe CutMiter Cut

Slotted Straight Pipe CutSlotted Straight Cut

CNC Plasma Pipe Cope CutCope Cut

Plasma Slotted Round Pipe CutSlotted Round Cut

Branch Cuts

CNC Notch Pipe CutNotch Cut

Angled Saddle Pipe CutAngled Saddle Cut

CNC Plasma Saddle Pipe CutAngled Saddle Cut

Offset Saddle Plasma Pipe CutOffset Saddle Cut