Roto Combo 2000 Pipe Cutting Attachment

ROTO Combo 2000 pipe cutting attachmentThe ROTO Combo 2000 pipe cutting attachment was designed as an attachment to our MEGA HORNET plate cutting machines.

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Manufacturers who cut plate with a MEGA HORNET but still have some pipe cutting needs can utilize the ROTO Combo 2000 on their existing plate cutting machine. Their pipe cutting needs may not be extensive enough to necessitate purchasing a machine dedicated solely to cutting pipe with a CNC plasma pipe cutting machine which makes the ROTO Combo 2000 the ideal attachment.

The ROTO Combo 2000 sits within the rails of the plate cutting machine in a variety of configurations. This provides users the ability to straight cut and bevel pipe and plate without purchasing two CNC cutting machines. The ROTO Combo 2000 attachment can cut pipe from 2″ (51 mm) to over 24″ (610 mm) in diameter depending on the size of the chuck users prefer to invest in.

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Hornet Cutting Systems Rotary Tube Pro software enables users to cut a variety of cut parts including straight, miter, cope, slotted and branch cuts.

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