Aqua Hornet 1000 Water Jet Cutter

Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet cutter The Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet cutter contains the most advanced water jet technology in the industry.

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Our Aqua Hornet 1000 water jet cutter provides state-of-the-art motion control and technology to meet all of your cutting needs. The CNC water jet machine has a modular design allowing for the widest range of configurations in the industry. Its frame and gantry beam are fabricated from heavy-wall steel tubing that is stress-relieved and precision machined to handle the most rigorous applications.


Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC waterjet cutting machine

Precision Water Jet Cutting

Water jet machine cutterOur advanced cutting and motion control technology provides a high-speed water jet cutter with unrivaled precision to maximize your productivity and profit margins. This feature makes the Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet machine the best in the market.

Water Jet Machine With Movable Operator StationAqua Hornet 1000 operators station water jet

Maneuver the Aqua Hornet 1000 operator station at your convenience. The station comes equipped with Hypertherm’s Edge Connect CNC, resistive touchscreen, pump interface, keyboard and mouse.

Hypertherm HyPrecision™ Water Jet PumpsHypertherm HyPrecision 50S waterjet pump

Hypertherm HyPrecision™ Water Jet Pumps utilize Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIT). AIT extends maintenance intervals, reduces maintenance time and maximizes the performance of your water jet cutter. This combination makes Hypertherm HyPrecision™ Water Jet Pumps the most reliable pumps in the world. Hypertherm’s HyPrecision™ Water Jet Pumps range in power from 15 HP (11 kW) to 150 HP (110 kW).

KMT Water Jet PumpsKMT waterjet pump streamline pro

KMT Waterjet Pumps offers a wide variety of solutions to match your cutting needs. Their Streamline® series of pumps can help you conquer any job faster, leaner, and smarter. KMT offers four waterjet pump options:

  • STREAMLINE® PRO-III 125HP & 60HP/90,000 PSI Pump Flyer
  • STREAMLINE® Series SL-VI 100HP/60,000 PSI Configurable Pump Flyer
  • STREAMLINE® Series SL-VI 30HP, 40HP & 50HP/60,000 PSI Configurable Pumps
  • TRILINE™ Direct Drive 55,000 PSI/30 HP Pumps

Fully Enclosed BellowsAqua Hornet 1000 bellows

The Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet cutter includes fully enclosed bellows to ensure long component life and reliability.

Air & Water Connections

Easily accessible air and water connections are conveniently attached to the Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet machine.

Water Jet Abrasive Removal System

Specialty jets are designed to efficiently flush the abrasive so you don’t have to do it manually. This revolutionary system provides easy removal for less downtime and increased production of your water jet machine.

Easy Gantry Alignment

The end truck of the water jet cutter contains an alignment tool providing effortless checking of gantry alignment.

Additional Accessories and Options

  • Dual Cutting Heads with Spreader Bar
  • Abrasive Feeder
  • Abrasive Hopper
  • Water Chiller
  • Automatic Lubrication Systems
  • Cutting Water Recycling
  • Cutting Bricks
  • Part Clamping System
  • Collision Sensor
  • High Pressure Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Table
  • ProNest CAM Software
  • And More

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Hornet Cutting Systems’ advanced water jet machine cuts at high-speeds with unrivaled precision to maximize your productivity and profit margins. Contact us today for a free quote on a Aqua Hornet 1000 CNC water jet cutter.

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