Dialine Waterjet Cutting HeadThe Accustream Dialine is the industry’s first customizable waterjet cutting head.

Accustream has spent countless hours developing one of the industry’s most comprehensive, smartly designed and completely customizable cutting heads available today. The Dialine cutting head has taken stream alignment to the next level and backs it up with an a 600 hour warranty. Not only is the Dialine one of the most technologically advanced cutting heads on the market, but it also offers users the ability to customize the cutting head to meet the needs of their operation. If you want 1000 hours of worry free cutting the Dialine is an excellent option.


1) Diamond Orifice

  • Secure precision diamond engagement produces concentric stream alignment to nozzle
  • Removable diamond mount provides maximum flexibility for a variety of cutting applications
  • 600 hour warranty


2) Mixing ChamberDialine Waterjet Cutting Head Diagram

  • Produced from the most wear resistant material for abrasive waterjet
  • Anti-turbulent design reduces wear, protects diamond and optimizes abrasive usage
  • Easy access allows for periodic inspection and replacement (if required)

3) Nozzle Nut

  • Designed with dual piloting diameters precisely center the cutting stream to the carbide nozzle
  • Long life diamond orifices and precise nozzle alignment increases nozzle longevity by as much as 15%
  • Trouble-free removal of broken nozzles due to part “pop ups” or nozzle “touchdowns”

4) Head Connections

  • New adapter connections provide the ability to rotate the abrasive inlet enabling perfect placement
  • Range of adapter configurations available to easily mount Dialine to any waterjet system

5) Abrasive Inlet

  • Optional 3/16″ abrasive inlet enables simple connection to smaller abrasive feed lines
  • Optional dual inlet (not shown) makes vacuum assist cutting possible for low pressure piercing of brittle materials

6) Nozzle Options

  • Three nozzle nut options allows for custom cutting head configurations
  • Nozzle guard design significantly reduces wear and protects the cutting head
  • Second carbide lined nut provides maximum protection and wear resistance (replaceable)


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