Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II

Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II

Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II

Extreme accuracy and versatility optimize the cutting process and reduce costs associated with wasted abrasive with the Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II.

A very important factor for cutting edge quality is the accuracy and stability of the abrasive flow rate. The Hypertherm Abrasive Regulator II is designed to ensure peak cutting performance. The regulators II’s compact abrasive metering system delivers the precise amount of abrasive needed to the cutting head at maximum speed. The system is positioned close to the waterjet cutting head which decreases the distance the abrasive travels and guarantees a smooth cut, while curtailing the abrasive that is wasted on inefficient cutting.

Quick Adjustment

Quickly adjust abrasive flow without interrupting the cutting process. Eliminates wasted abrasive by fine tuning delivery.

Easy Operation

Air-to-open and air-to-close control.

Operator Convenience

Built in back flow diverter minimizes water from reaching internal components. Tool-less design makes it easy to inspect and clean internal components when necessary.

Simple Installation

Two holes on the mounting plate allow for convenient mounting near the cutting head. Adapts to any cutting system due to its compact and lightweight design.

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