HyPrecision 150D waterjet pump

HyPrecision 150D waterjet pump

HyPrecision 100D, 150D Waterjet Pumps by Hypertherm

CNC waterjet technology produces excellent cut quality with low edge angularity, zero heat-affected zones, narrow kerf, and virtually dross-free cutting. With a narrow kerf, waterjet technology produces excellent fine-feature cut capability. Waterjet also offers the ability to process a variety of materials and a thickness range capability unmatched by other cutting technologies.

HyPrecision Waterjet Pump Features

Control Station with PLC

  • Color touch screen LCD interface
  • Electric motor on/off control
  • Intensifier on/off control
  • Monitor system
  • System warning and shut down
  • Pierce and cut pressure controls
  • True soft start

Hydraulics & Electrics

  • UL-approved electrical control panel
  • Totally enclosed force cooled (TEFC) electrical motor
  • Pressure compensated hydraulic pump
  • Kidney loop keeps oil cool when pump is in standby
  • Oversized heat-exchanger

Construction Features

  • Precision welded tubular steel frame for maximum strength and rigidity
  • Insulated cover to minimize sound level
  • Control station

Additional Features

  • Inlet water boost pump and water filtration to .45 micron
  • Large volume attenuator minimizes pressure fluctuations
  • Safety dump valve relieves system pressure in case of shutdown

Waterjet Pump Specifications

System specifications for the HyPrecision 100D and HyPrecision 150D:

HyPrecision 100DHyPrecision 150D
Maximum Output Flow2.1 gpm (7.95 lpm) (50 Hz)
2.2 gpm (8.33 lpm) (60 Hz)
3.0 gpm (11.36 lpm) (50 Hz)
3.2 gpm (12.11 lpm) (60 Hz)
Maximum Orifice0.020″ (0.508 mm) (50 Hz)
0.021″ (0.533 mm) (60 Hz)
0.024″ (0.610 mm) (50 Hz)
0.025″ (0.635 mm) (60 Hz)
Continuous Output PressureAdjustable to 60,000 psi (4137 bar)Adjustable to 60,000 psi (4137 bar)
Intensifier ConfigurationDualDual
Pressure ControlElectronic ProportionalElectronic Proportional
Bleed-down ValveHydraulicHydraulic
Motor Power100hp (74.6 kW)150hp (111.9 kW)
Voltage400 V (50 Hz)
460 V (60 Hz)
400 V (50 Hz)
460 V (60 Hz)
Full Load138 A (50 Hz)
117.5 A (60 Hz)
204 A (50 Hz)
173.4 A (60 Hz)
Main Breaker150 A225 A
Overall Width45″ (1143 mm)55″ (1397 mm)
Overall Length86″ (2184 mm)81″ (2057 mm)
Overall Height56″ (1422 mm)56″ (1422 mm)
Approx Operating Weight4150 lb (1882 kg)6100 lb (2767 kg)

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